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We all know that as we age, our body’s worst enemy is gravity. All the body parts we have grown used to make us look young and vibrant gradually lose their tightness, firmness, and just plainly sag. That is why aesthetic procedures like cosmetic neck surgery give us another chance to bring back our youthful glow and enjoy looking good despite getting old.


Cosmetic neck surgery: Why do you need it?

Turkey neck, wrinkled and sagging neck, whatever you may call it, having your neck define your age is not really appealing. Over time, our skin’s collagen supply decreases, making it sag and lose its elasticity. This makes the skin, as well as the muscles in our neck, begin to wrinkle. This is what cosmetic neck surgery is for – to help bring back the tightness and contour of our necks as if we never aged a day in our lives!


Cosmetic neck surgery: What are the kinds?

Neck liposuction. Have you noticed some fatty deposit below your chin? That is what makes up what they call a double chin. No matter how fat or thin you are, some people really develop and store excess fats in places where they are just hard to get rid of.  Removing excess and stubborn fat on your neck area can easily contour and reshape your neck. Neck liposuction is one way to get those annoying, stubborn fat off your neck, especially if you are in your 20s or 30s.

Neck Lift. Platysmaplasty, the technical term for a neck lift, is the surgical removal of excess fat and sagging skin around the neck. Though neck liposuction may work in your earlier days, it doesn’t address the sagging skin that accompanies the fat that is responsible for the unsightly bulges and wrinkles on your neck. Having a neck lift can both address those neck bulges, fine lines, and creases to provide a tighter, more contoured neck.

Lower rhytidectomy. Cosmetic neck surgery had once been included in the procedure called facelift or rhytidectomy. Lower rhytidectomy involves contouring the whole lower face including the chin, neck, and below the ear area. This gives your neck a more fluid and smooth look that accentuates with your entire facial profile.



Cosmetic neck surgery: Can I combine other procedures with it?

Since the neck is just a part of your facial profile that shows off your flawless aging and grace, here are some of the most common surgical procedures most patients combine with cosmetic neck surgery.

Facelift. As mentioned earlier, cosmetic neck surgery had once been included as part of rhytidectomy. Now that it is a separate surgery, all in all, many women and men still include having their necks contoured after or during the same time as their facelift surgery.

Chin surgery. Mentoplasty, the technical term for chin augmentation, is actually a common partner of cosmetic neck surgery. Having implants placed on your chin while removing the excess fat and skin surrounding your neck makes it look longer and more contoured.

Rhinoplasty. Combining your neck lift with nose reshaping makes your face look proportioned and symmetrical. Whether it is adding volume or removing a bump on your nose, the balance it creates together with your cosmetic neck surgery makes your facial profile stand out and become more attractive.


Now that you know it is possible to conceal your age by doing simple cosmetic changes in small parts of your body like your neck, feel free to discover different new ways to enhance what beauty you already have. Discuss your concerns with a trusted plastic surgeon so he can advise you on what procedures you may want to undergo to make your beauty stand out.

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